Personal Bird Database

In my spare time at home, I created a Filemaker Pro database to keep tract of the birds that I have seen or heard - a sort of personal journal.

WSY Bird List Public contains the individual bird records plus numerous fields to characterize each bird. You can enter bird common names, Latin names (including a dropdown list of orders), dates and places first seen, pictures you took, and and various notes. There are dropdown menus for 4- and 6-letter alpha codes, sex, and countries and states where first spotted. The records are "lockable" as well. There are also links to a rudamentary phylogeny presentation as well as to some local eBird sites and an AOU alpha code finder.

If you would like to use this free database, please send me (Scott Young) a request at scott4aves at I will then e-mail you the 2 files (they may be easily customized by the recipient with a little Filemaker Pro experience). Suggestions for modifications are welcome.

The database consists of 2 files: "WSY Bird Pass List.fmp17" and "WSY Bird NonPass List.fmp17", for passerines and non-passerines, respectively.