Summit Hall Turf Farm in Montgomery County, Maryland

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The environment along Sycamore Landing Road is an eBird hotspot in Montgomery County, Maryland, and is rich with bird wildlife, including many red-headed woodpeckers. At the end is a parking lot. From there, one can walk along the canal up to Summit Hall Turf Farm (about 0.7 miles - 1.1 km), another hotspot. You can turn north (right) at this point where a pipeline is located and cross the dry canal to the turf farm where there are often shorebirds. This is private property so do not go onto or across the road there. There is a short path to Potomac River if you turn south (left) instead. Here is a satellite view:

-Coordinates: 39.081121, -77.438985
-From Intersection of River Road and Route I-495: Google Map

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