Mouse Colony Database

In my spare time at home, I created a Filemaker Pro (v.12) database to use at work to keep tract of the mice that we use in our research.

If you would like to use this free database, please send me (Scott Young) a request at Please include your contact information, especially e-mail address, laboratory name and organization. I will then e-mail you the files and information about usernames and passwords (they may be easily changed by the recipient).

The database consists of 4 files: SNGE Mice, SNGE Breeding, SNGE Lines and Info.

SNGE Mice contains the individual mouse records plus numerous fields to characterize each mouse. These fields include cage number, parent information, dates of birth, age, up to 3 genotypes, and a notes field. The records are "lockable" as well. There are also links to go to the parents cage (within SNGE Breeding):

Color coding is explained in the Info file:

SNGE Breeding file contains information about the breeding pairs, including litters and litter sizes, date of pairing, genotypes, and so forth:

Finally, SNGE Lines file contains information about the lines that you are using in your colony:

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